Foxx Pools |

Why Fox you ask?

1) FoxGard® Protected Steel Walls and Bracing
2) Unsurpassed X-Brace Pool Design - Self-Standing at all times
3) Buddy Seat In-Pool Lounge Center
4) Fox WaterFall and PoolMate Spas
5) Fox Brand Vinyl Liners
6) IntelliTouch Fox Smart Pool/Spa ControlsF

7) Fiber Optic Lighting Systems
8) Automatic Safety Cover
9) Ladders, Rails, or Ballet Bars Available In

10) Designer Gray or White
11) Foxite II Coping With Twin Tracks

Alongside Fox pools brings alongside innovative ideas and concepts that are leading the in-ground industry.

What it's all about...

Adding a swimming pool or spa to your backyard has never been easier with Pro Serve Pool & Service. With our help, finding the right fit for your yard and lifestyle will prove to be a very rewarding and exciting experience.

How would you like to find the perfect fit? Oval, rectangle, kidney, or even a custom shaped pool - we can make that dream backyard of your's a reality. Just to get a sample of our work, check out the projects and works page. Or if you would like to just jump right into the process, give us a call at (217)233-5594 or shoot us an email through the contact page!   

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